Dating first call voicemail

For example, a coworker has stepped into your office and you are discussing an important matter when your phone begins ringing.

The soft keys that display on your phone are 'Answer' and 'i Divert'.

Well it is easy as pressing the 'Edit Dial' soft key when you are on the record of the call you wish to return.

If it is a local call, simply press 'Edit Dial' enter a 9 then pick up the handset or press 'Dial' to use the speakerphone.

If you specify a date for your alternate greeting to expire, then the system will automatically revert to your standard greeting.

We have a web page for this purpose at: https://edu/ccmuser/ Login and password information is found here Password Information If you are having trouble logging in, please send email to [email protected] After you log in, select the 'User Options' tab.In an effort to provide additional information and quick tricks that can help UCAR users make the most of the phone system, NETS has published a few articles in [email protected] articles are provided here for reference: Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to dial a number in your missed calls directory without having to enter all of the digits?If it is a long distance call, press 'Edit Dial' add 91 then 'Dial', you will still be prompted for your account key or employee ID.To review your missed calls, placed calls and received calls log, press the i Divert is a phone feature that sends a ringing call directly to the voice messaging system.

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1) Inform the caller that you will transfer their call 2) Press the 'Transfer' softkey (this will automatically place the caller on hold).

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