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C., is a quaint coastal town located on Beaufort Inlet, a channel leading south to the Atlantic Ocean.The third oldest town in the state and seat of Carteret County, Beaufort has a residential population of about 4,000 with a high influx of visitor traffic during the warmer months.Beaufort was first known as Fishtown because the fishing industry was and has been an important part of the county’s history.

He served in the legislature, and later in his life he was lighthouse keeper at Portsmouth where he died and was brought to Beaufort for burial. 1836 A new court house was begun on Court House Square. 1854 The Atlantic Hotel overlooking Taylor’s Creek was built, as were three churches, the Baptist, Episcopal and Methodist.Note that the lots on the west side of Queen are shorter than all others laid out in town.1739 An Act of the Assembly in March converted all Precincts to Counties.1744 The first schools were established in Beaufort, through the will of James Winwright.1747 The Spanish invaded Beaufort, the local militia forced them to leave.

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Though Beaufort had the safest and most navigable harbor of any of the ports of North Carolina, extensive commercial activities failed to develop, owing to the fact that the town was almost completely isolated from the interior.

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